Gil has a Diploma in Chinese Medicine (Dipl. CM, I.A.TCM) with distinction from Broshim College of Integrative Medicine, where he studied both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. In addition, he completed 1-year “Chinese & Macrobiotics Nutrition (TEF Method)” with Eyal Shpringer and 2-years “Kiiko Matsumoto-Style Japanese Acupuncture”.

Gil teaches Acupuncture, “Research in Chinese Medicine” and “Nutrition in Chinese Medicine” n Broshim, as well as abroad in Denmark, Poland, Ireland, Finland, USA, Austria and Germany thus far. Gil is part of the International Community of Chinese Medicine (ICCM) and Evidence Based Acupuncture (EBA). He writes regularly research reviews & newsletters (Facebook: drgiltcm).

Gil has a B.Sc (Honors) from Imperial College, University of London, a Ph.D from Oxford University in Cancer Research and a European Medical Biology Organization (EMBO) Post-Doctoral fellowship at the Weizmann Institute. He has 11 peer-reviewed publications in leading medical journals.

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