Manager & Owner of Refuot – Integrative Medical Center, Expert in Chinese Medicine Pediatrics and General Practice in Chinese Medicine.

Assaf is a busy practitioner and teacher of Chinese medicine. Practices Acupuncture, Shiatsu, herbal therapy and Qi Gong, specializing in the treatment of children, adolescents and adults.

Assaf practice is a unique combination of Classical Chinese medicine philosophy with modern approach based on Japanese practice. This combination allows him to adjust the treatment to the patient by applying a gentle but effective techniques.

Assaf is a graduate of Broshim Campus for Integrative Medicine in the Tel Aviv University in Shiatsu and Chinese medicine. Assaf continued his studies in Classical Chinese medicine, Stems & Branches, Meridian Theories, Pediatrics Acupuncture, Manual and Herbal Medicine, Shonishin and KMI Japanese Acupuncture. Assaf completed an advanced clinical internship in acupuncture at the Guan An Man Hospital in Beijing and continues to learn and professionalize in courses around the world.

Assaf is the founder and Co-owner (with Elad Itzhakov) of the ICCM -The International Community for Chinese Medicine, Based in Israel that is focused on promoting knowledge and professionalism in Chinese Medicine and organizes the Annual ICCM Congress, one of the leading professional congresses in Chinese Medicine in Europe.

Assaf is the founder of AcuPedic© an up-to-date clinical system based on vast philosophical foundations to sustain better health in children and future adults.

Assaf is the Head of the Pediatric division in Refuot and is the Leader & Head instructor of the AcuPedic© Full year training program in Chinese Medicine Pediatrics, a collaboration with the ICCM.

Assaf is a Teacher and Clinical instructor for Chinese medicine at Broshim Campus for Integrative Medicine in the Tel Aviv University and teaches in several other schools and programs around the world.

Assaf served as the head of Chinese Medicine Service at the Pediatric surgery division at the Sheba Medical center at Tel Hashomer focusing on Pre and Postoperative treatments.

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